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Newsflash: Heavy Petting does you good

October 30, 2009

I am now returned from the indescribably brilliant International Screenwriters Festival at Cheltenham, inspired by Kate Adamson’s session on marketing for writers, to name but one inspiring session (not to mention my own inspiring session on Making a Living out of Writing, since to mention that would be immodest) and I am now fully charged up and determined to write… shorter sentences.

And following Kate’s session I am also determined to blog frequently on the latest breast cancer news, in order to effectively market my comedy cancer memoir! Marketing must be worked at, she says. So here goes. A cancer blog.

Breaking newsflash tells us that cats and dogs are helpful to cancer sufferers by cheering us up. Hmm. I wonder how much that survey cost.

Some dogs can also apparently smell cancer. My friend Mandy’s hairdresser can apparently smell cancer too. She must have customers queuing around the block. Not. “There you are Madam, beautiful, and might I be so bold as to suggest that a wee visit to the doctor’s might be in order?”

My breast cancer news is brought to me by Google Alerts. It comes in one-line summaries with links to the full articles. (If you want proper responses to the latest breast cancer news, go swiftly to You will find no proper responses from yours truly).

So having digested that item my eye dropped to the next, which seemed at first glance to segue nicely from the last:

High Resolution Breast PET improves Breast Cancer detection. Read the full article here. If you can understand it, the article declares excellent news on early detection systems, but I don’t think it explains what PET stands for.

I don’t mind. I’m all for it. A “high resolution breast pet” sounds like bloody good fun to me…

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