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March 8, 2010

I divide the news into two categories. There’s miserable news and funny news. Miserable news involves war plus general maiming, killing and kidnapping of civilians by civilians; girl gangs, boy gangs (inside and outside of No 10 Downing Street) and hoodie antics from both sexes (although you can’t blame kids for wearing hoods in this weather. Frankly, I wish my son would wear a hood …and some gloves and a nice scarf).

The funny news, which is much more worthy, is about how celebrities look and what they wear, celebrity antics (with or without hoods) and…um….that’s about it.

I am new to world-matters, as I’ve shared with you before, and I really can’t see any advantage to knowing about world tragedy unless I’m going to do something about it. Otherwise, the guilt is crippling. No wonder my house is untidy, my children unfed and my garden a disgrace. It’s clearly because I’ve been trying to follow the news. It’s all so depressing, it’s doin’ my ‘ed in.

I shall of course deny any accusations that my house, garden and children were in trouble before I embarked on this tortuous journey towards sophistication. It’s all lies I tell you.

So, for today at least, let’s turn aside from how the Tories think that Labour are naughty babbies and Labour thinks the Tories are poo-faced meanies, and instead talk about the Oscars. Yay!

A first Oscar to a female Director. Rock on Kathryn Bigelow! I can’t believe it’s a first. Let’s hope it’s the first of many.

I also think it’s utterly cool of Sandra Bullock to go and pick up her award for Worst Actress at the Golden Raspberry Awards, or ‘Razzies’, an award ceremony that celebrates the Worst of Hollywood, which most ‘A’ Listers apparently shun. She’ll be very popular with the Brits for that. We just love self-deprecation.

I wonder, though, whether Sandra already knew she was going to get the Best Actress award at the Oscars? Call me cynical, but it was a magnificent PR coup for her to pull off that never before achieved Golden Raspberry for Worst Actress and Oscar for Best Actress all in the same year.

It’s the sort of coincidence you’ll never get away with in a film. Not unless you want a Razzie for it.

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