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Skinny or Fat, Who’s to Blame?

March 9, 2010

After one week of reading the news I’ve lost my sense of humour and become terminally depressed. I knew this would happen.

Look at yesterday’s. Someone put a car bomb in their pregnant wife’s car. Now, that’s not nice. I hereby apologise for ever complaining about my ex-hubbie. He was never that bad.

And there’s another skinny model in the press. I don’t mean to be rude, but Alessandra Ambrosio looks like a stick insect. One with gorgeous hair.

Natural skinniness is of course nobody’s “fault”. But self-inflicted skinniness is an illness. We all know that. And if suicide is illegal in some parts of the world, maybe slow suicide ought to be as well?

Instead of putting Anorexics into treatment centres, maybe they should be incarcerated in Her Majesty’s prisons. That oughta do it. Or possibly not.

Alternatively, we can try less drastic measures to achieve the body beautiful. Click here for a helpful article in the Mail about how to disguise your body shape. Why do we need to, I say! Oh alright, then, click here for news of a new bra that can uplift the smallest bust. Yippee!!!

And here we go again, jumping through hoops to look “good”.

Who is really to blame here? Of course, it’s the bloody media – again – for promoting a certain type of body image. Why, they’re clearly to blame for most things.

As for those of us who don’t manage to get down to zero size and are so depressed about it we stuff our faces and balloon to hero size, we should probably be arrested for self-harming too.

I implore you not to look at my photograph and call me hypocritical. Believe me I am a fat person imprisoned inside a thin person; self-imprisoned by my relentlessly healthy dietary regime. Mentally – and physically – I am only a few donuts away from morbid obesity.

But self-blame never did anybody any good. I was seven stone heavier than I am now and only began to lose weight when I recognised that I had an eating disorder and needed help. Self-blame only makes us reach out for the biscuit tin, or go the other way and starve ourselves way beyond the call of beauty.

So it’s healthy to blame the media for depressing us in the first place. And second in line has to be the government, for allowing a ridiculous amount of sugar, fat and salt into our diets and keeping us addicted to yummy fattening foods.

Yeah! Let’s blame everyone! And while you’re about it, pass me a donut.

Next, after joining the campaign for real bodies at 100 Percent People, just close your eyes and imagine a world where everyone eats healthily and variations in size are considered as unremarkable as variations in height; where our faces are clean and moisturised, devoid of cosmetics and cosmetic enhancement and stand just as they are: wrinkles and all.

Hmmm. Bit boring though innit?

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