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Don’t cut it down, cut it out.

March 18, 2010

I’m an all or nothing sort of person. And whilst I believe in breaking things down into manageable steps, and taking those steps one at a time, I think it’s really important to be heading towards a specific goal. Especially if the steps are small.

The place I think we should head to is a danger-free diet. And I think we should step out with a strong stride, not a shuffle.

So when I read Nicole Berberian’s article in today’s Mail on how to improve our health by making very small tweaks in our eating habits, I was disappointed. I felt weary at the thought of counting out the shakes of my salt cellar only to increase my health by an infinitesmal amount.

And when she talks about cutting down sugar intake by one teaspoonful I was horrified. I mean, do people actually still put sugar in their tea?

In the meantime, to improve your diet I say ‘suffer’. Yes. Suffer. But only in the short-term.

If you cut sugar out altogether, you will have a thumping headache for a while, maybe as long as three weeks. But after that you will be free for ever. The headache is a messenger. It tells you how dependent your body has become on the white poison.

It’s painful but encouraging. It says you are freeing yourself from slavery.

After the period of withdrawal, the cravings will stop and you’ll discover sweetness in other foods; healthy ones. For instance, carrots, peppers, beetroot in natural juice and roasted vegetables are all incredibly sweet once you have lost your taste for synthetic sweetness. That kind of chemical sweetness will become almost unpleasant.

I don’t eat fruit, for reasons I won’t tell you. It will put you off your next meal. But as a result I have become so sensitised to the natural sweetness in vegetables that I can enjoy eating a red pepper as if it was an apple. Mmm. Delish. The orange ones are delectable. Even my teenage son enjoyed a bite of real pepper. Just a bite, mind. On one occasion, when I caught him unawares. There’ll be no danger of him turning into a veggie-freak like his mum.

If you manage to cut sugar out completely think how easily your weight will fall off. No more cakes, biscuits, chocolate or ice-cream. No more yummy but deadly foods. You can’t help but lose the flab.

You will get your energy back, and possibly – if you’ve lost it – your libido.

Either way, sugar is bad stuff. Salt too. And the wrong sort of fat, absolutely.

Think about it. Isn’t it easier to jump than to shuffle?

Go for it.

You won’t look back.

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