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It’s my party and I’ll die if I want to

March 24, 2010

The medical fraternity want to ban smoking in private cars. There is an outcry against this idea. I quote from the BBC News page, where Simon Clark of Forest, campaigner for smokers’ rights, says:

“It’s unacceptable to single out smokers and imply that they are solely responsible for the cost of asthma treatments, hospital admissions and asthma drugs for children up to the age of 16.

“We want smokers to be considerate towards those around them, especially children, but changing people’s behaviour should be achieved by education and encouragement not by legislation and enforcement.”

Nigel Humphries, spokesman for the Association of British Drivers, said the car should be seen as an extension of the home and treated as such.

“The car is a private space and it crosses a line to start interfering in it, however much one disapproves of smoking.”

So here’s the thing. Isn’t suicide becoming a little more accessible to people all the time? Should we be trying to keep alive those who wish to die? We have a population explosion after all….

But hold hard, the argument centres not around individual choices but around how those choices are impacting on our children. Now that’s another matter altogether…

It begs the question: isn’t smoking in a confined space – with a child – tantamount to child abuse?

These are extreme views in a world that is becoming increasingly policed.

Take it further, why dontcha? I mean, by the same token, people who allow sugar near their children – and alas, I am one of them – are putting them in danger. And people who have toxic chemicals in their household products or who allow too much electromagnetic stress into their homes are irresponsible.

Where do we draw the line?

What about making youngsters apply for the right to have kids? They will have to take a lifestyle test and if they are shown to be unhealthy or emotionally dysfunctional their application will be denied. This excellent plan would help to cut the caseloads of the Social Services.

We could have surprise police raids, like the one in Terry Gilliam’s film Brazil, where the police will suddenly drop down from holes inthe ceiling, crash through the windows, and find us watching something inappropriate to the development of healthy minds, something like South Park.

See the trajectory? Where does regulating our diet and personal habits become facism and then genicide…

Uh? How did we get from expanding the smoking ban… to enforced sterilisation….to genicide…?

Uh-oh, over-imaginative-blonde-talking-politics-alert!!! Danger! Danger!

Get back in the box. Phew. No harm done. Luckily I am not running the world. Not yet.

But I might be soon. With these excellent views, I am bound to be picked up. Any minute.

Mwahahahahahahahahah. Stroke moustache.

I haven’t got a moustache. Will you just shut up about my moustache? You’re driving me crazy with your facial hair, facial hair…

Who’s that speaking?


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