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Little Bird

March 24, 2015

Enjoyed staying with singer Judy Eames and trumpet-player Tony Davis at their gorgeous country cottage in Aston Friday night. Martin was playing with Alyn Shipton’s Buck Clayton Legacy Band at St John’s Evangelist Church in Oxford. Great gig.

Buck Clayton

The next morning both Jude and Martin were delighted to have a bird tapping at their window. Actually Jude was less delighted as she was asleep at the time (beneath a different window: just to be clear). Martin told me he thought he’d seen a Coal Tit. Jude said she’d seen a Great Tit. Was she naming or rating the tit? I was jealous. I love birds.

I decided to get to the bottom of it. Was it the same bird? I investigated but the pictures online are confusing. Most Great Tits seem to have a yellow breast. Like this:

Great Tit

Martin says the bird he saw didn’t have a yellow breast. So I’m guessing it was like this:

Coal Tit

I need to let go of it. This is dangerous stuff, possibly leading to a reputation for being obsessed with tits.

And the purchase of a t-shirt like this.Great Tits

Tee hee.

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